What is "Under Investigation"?

Under Investigation is the title of an ongoing community development project in Steytlerville in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The project, driven by a collaboration between five 16-18 year olds in Steytlerville and past members of Black Sash, has included the making of a documentary film, 'Under Investigation' ('The Movie'), which explores the death in custody of a 12 year old in 1985 and the creation of a digital archive documenting the history of the struggle against apartheid as it was experienced in Steytlerville.

Visitors to this site will find a full account of the making of the film, it's antecedents and production in 'Making the Movie' and a full version of the documentary itself - 'The Movie'. A full archive of the interviews, conducted by the young people who made the film, with older residents giving accounts of the events surrounding the death, is available within the 'Stories' section. In future the keepers of the website and the archive within it hope to add to the stories already stored to develop a full account of Steytlerville, past, present and future.

'The Movie' was premiered in Steytlerville on 10th July 2015 and in Cape Town on 28th November 2016. Accounts of both events exist on the Under Investigation Facebook page but filmed excerpts from the Cape Town event are to be found here in the 'Activities' section. A diary of the Production Team's experiences during their visit to Cape Town - 'Our Cape Town Journey' - can also be found in the 'Activities' section.

From the outset Under Investigation sought to do more than make a movie. The motivation was to kindle a spark of mobilisation and regeneration throughout the town. Each set of activities was designed to widen participation beyond the small group within the Production Team. To this end the group were inducted into film making by setting up, filming and making a movie about a Theatre of Learning held for younger learners from the town's two primary schools. An account of the Theatres of Learning is to be found in 'Activities' and in 'Making the Movie' where a link to the resulting film, 'We will Shine' can also be found.

The vision for this website has always been to enable enquiry. Our logo showing two members of the Production Team, Zintle Miggles and Lungelo Sinuku, deploying a magnifying glass is intended as a metaphor for this. As this first phase of the project ends the website is ready for use across Steytlerville. We look forward to seeing further stories and news reports.

Bravo Steytlerville.