Next steps

Much has been achieved:
The history of Johannes, Papi, Spogter's death has been explored in the light of living memories in Steytlerville and in those of past members of Black Sash. 
A digital hub has been established in Carel Du Toit High School providing an internet connection and the means to place an archive of local history and a community website on line.
A group of young people in the town have successfully completed a documentary film and they have learned that their future actions can be strengthened by shared reflection and the resolution of difference.
What has not been achieved is any attempt to assess how public institutions and action affect their lives.

We now know that:

  • Mzwandile Miggels was in contact with Matthew Goniwe before Matthew was assassinated
  • A post mortem was carried out on Johannes but we do not know what conclusions were drawn about the cause of his death which continues to be, under investigation.
  • An inquest was held in Steytlerville and we know that Ronnie Pillay now a Judge in the Court of Appeal represented the families of Johannes and Mzwandile but we do not have a record of the conclusions drawn.

'Protest at Inquest' (image)
We do not know why Johannes's case was not heard in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings.
We have many questions about the nature of activism. The UDF and the Black Sash stood against apartheid but we need to understand more of what united these groups of people.
These questions are worth pursuing in the interests of everyone. We hope The Under Investigation Production Team will continue their search for information, and that they will build the Steytlerville Archive into a living monument to their ongoing struggle for freedom.