The Technicals

No doubt professional film crews would shake their heads at the technical 'simplicity' of this work. We had; two professional but less than state of the art movie cameras, both reliant on video tapes, one stills camera with a video function and my mobile with stills and video functions. We had no independent lighting nor audio equipment. The roads and tracks especially in the cemetery were rough and there was a lot of ambient noise. Quality of content however always trumped the pursuit of technical excellence! Having a 'dolly' to film in the cemetery would have been wonderful, having a soundproofed well lit studio would have been fantastic for the interviews but what we lacked in these technical resources we made up for in enthusiasm, curiosity and ambition.
On the editing side we were better resourced using a commercial package, Sony Vegas and our own specially developed database and editing device, Big Wide Talk's 'vclipper'. This last described in the e-book 'Big Wide Talk: a new kind of thing'