'Under Investigation' The Final Cut

Excerpt from 'Under Investigation'. Jimmy Miggels 10/3/2015

“Exactly. We were very much shocked. You know they (the older people) couldn't understand why they (Mzwandile Miggels was shot dead that night. Johannes Spogter died in police custody that night) were shot dead. They couldn't take it. Such young people and for no reason in their (the older people's) thinking. Because we knew as young ones why they were killed. Because the whole reason started early July when in Zambia, in Lusaka from ANC Head Quarters there was a call to make the whole country ungovernable. So the whole country even small towns must make it a point to liberate this country, to make this country ungovernable until apartheid is doomed. That was what was said in Lusaka. Now our elderly didn't know that but we as comrades knew exactly. As a result some of our elderly didn't want us to mobilise because we started to mobilise ourselves. As a result here at home the headquarters of STEYCO was there. We made it a point that no information was coming out because we knew it was dangerous during that time. We knew exactly what was going to happen because we were vigilant. We wanted to know exactly what was happening especially from those who didn't want this country liberated, from those who were against us. That afternoon the Special Branch were here and we said what are we going to do, we tried to mobilise ourselves secretly and then to advise us, ourselves because tonight there is a raid coming. We knew there was a raid coming.”